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Derin's story

Tara and the shell factory

Tara McCurry is a normal girl. She has a dad, a mum ,a sister and a dog whose name is Silver. She has two best friends. Their names are Marley and Ashley. They are 12 years old. They live in the suburbs of London and they are English too. Tara is a very generous and calm girl. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She is sporty and thin. Marley and Ashley are twins and they live in London. Marley is confident and kind, she had black hair and black eyes too. Ashley is very honest and peaceful. She has black hair and like Marley, black eyes.
They go to the same school: Shell High. This school is really fantastic because it's located in the sea. It's extremely big:  the school has 1 canteen and 2 cafeterias, 200 classes, plenty of subjects... It  starts at 11:15 and finishes at 5:15 pm. In this school, the pupils are very  peaceful and kind.
Each day at school is really  nice: there are 4 or 5 different classes, a long break and a little pause. The pupils have…

İpek's story

The unicorn factory

chapter 1: Ipek and Duru saving the world from Kerem and Ege

İpek and Duru were best friends in high school. One day, after school, they went to the supermarket because they were having a pyjama party and they had found out that a few things (ice cream and coffee) were missing. So the girls bought what they needed and were going back home when they suddenly fainted because something was wrong with the ice cream and coffee! There was actually a strange logo on the packages, it was “The unicorn factory”. The owner of that factory was Dwayne Johnson but nobody knew that! Dwayne  had made the girls faint because he wanted them to be his agents as he had noticed that they were talented, fast, intelligent and careful. Ipek and Duru were put in a room where Dwayne waited for them to wake up. When they did,  Dwayne told them that their mission was to save the world from Kerem and Ege, two supervillains who had decided to build a rocket that would bring hot meteorites onto Ea…

Eliz's story

Once upon a time there was a young blond girl with green eyes named Alexandra. She was kind, confident and skinny. She hated good manners. She didn't have any brother or sister. Her family was very rich. Her mother was Mrs Caroline Beaujour. She was very uptight. She had brown hair with blue eyes. She was crazy about good manners but in the negative way. Alexandra's dad was Mr Arthur Beaujour. He was blond with blue eyes. Like his wife, he loved good manners. His hobby was to hunt in the forest. Whenever he caught a big animal, he turned into a very pretentious man. He lived with his wife and his daughter in a big house in London. Alexandra's best friend was Mia. Mia was... a cat!!! She was very cuddly. Her fur was white, black and brown. She had blue eyes. She lived in the forest and in Alexandra's room.

Alexandra didn't have many friends. She had Mia and book characters. She didn't have many friends because she couldn't get out of the garden. You may thin…

Kayla's story

Lily and the robot factory

Lily is a little girl who is crazy about robots, she dreams about getting one but she knows that her parents are too poor. She lives in a small wooden house in Denver with her parents and her grandparents. Her family is very poor. Her dad works in a bakery, everyday he brings home a loaf of bread. They eat that bread with some mashed potatoes and cabbage. Lily doesn’t go to school but she likes watching the kids as they come back from school. She prefers going to the robot factory to see the thousands of robots from the small windows. Every year, for her birthday, her parents give her some money that she saves to get a robot. Lily wakes up at 7:30 every day to help her mother to clean the neighbours’ garden, then she goes back home and cooks. After eating, she goes to the factory. She sometimes finds broken robots, she’s got a collection of them. When she comes back from the factory, she passes in front of the school, where she’s got some friends. After seei…