Eliz's story

Once upon a time there was a young blond girl with green eyes named Alexandra. She was kind, confident and skinny. She hated good manners. She didn't have any brother or sister. Her family was very rich. Her mother was Mrs Caroline Beaujour. She was very uptight. She had brown hair with blue eyes. She was crazy about good manners but in the negative way. Alexandra's dad was Mr Arthur Beaujour. He was blond with blue eyes. Like his wife, he loved good manners. His hobby was to hunt in the forest. Whenever he caught a big animal, he turned into a very pretentious man. He lived with his wife and his daughter in a big house in London. Alexandra's best friend was Mia. Mia was... a cat!!! She was very cuddly. Her fur was white, black and brown. She had blue eyes. She lived in the forest and in Alexandra's room.

Alexandra didn't have many friends. She had Mia and book characters. She didn't have many friends because she couldn't get out of the garden. You may think that she was bored but the garden was very very big. Let's come back to her friends. Each time she read a book, she entered the story and she experienced the adventures at the same time as the characters.  
                    Her school was in her house. An instructor came every day except Saturdays and Sundays. School began at seven o'clock in the morning and finished at half past two. She had  two breaks, one at nine o'clock (fifteen minutes) and one at twelve (one and a half hours). She studied math, music (piano), calligraphy, English, French, dancing and good manners (how to be polite and how to laugh silently). Her favorite day was Monday because her mother went shopping so when Alexandra finished school, she could play or climb trees or do stuff that she usually couldn't do.

                    At weekends, she woke up at six o'clock, she had breakfast at eight o'clock, then she played the piano between nine and eleven o'clock. She had lunch at half past twelve. And then she did her homework, she took care of Mia, she built stuff, she sometimes tried to escape into the garden. She ate dinner at six o'clock. She went to bed at half past ten, sometimes, at twelve o'clock but very rarely.

                   Mia had a strange secret life. When Alexandra was away, she climbed on a tree and she waited, waited, waited and waited all day long. Alexandra's only friend was Mia. Her favorite day was her birthday because her mother went to town to do shopping and didn't talk to Alexandra so she did all she wanted.

                 That morning, she woke up with a plan in her head. First, it was her birthday, so her mother was out! She jumped from her bed and started to shout at Mia, who was still sleeping:
“Mia, wake up, it's my birthday! Mum is out! We can run to the garden!” Mia fell from the bed and said “Ok, ok, keep calm, I'm not deaf! You woke me up!” Alexandra shouted even more loudly “But you don't understand! Mum is ouuuuuuuuut!” Mia started to run everywhere saying “Mum is out! Mum is out! Mum is out! Why didn't you say that before!” Alexandra grunted “I tried twenty minutes ago but you didn't listen to me! Never mind, let's prepare our equipment and let's go to the garden!”

She took a list and started to pack: “Rope, check, torch, check, water, check, snack, check. Ok, we're ready to go!” Alexandra opened the window, threw the rope and she jumped with Mia in one of her hand and the rope in the other one. When she touched the ground, she started to run to the little forest. She stopped at the edge and she looked around her to see if nobody was following her. She put Mia down and they slowly walked into the forest. They ended up in a part of the little forest that they had never discovered. Suddenly, they heard something.  Alexandra took Mia and she started to run to the part of the forest they still couldn't explore. Alexandra looked back and at that moment, she hit something hard and fell on the floor full of leaves. Alexandra grunted “Ouch, what is that?” She stood up and she touched the wall covered  with ivy. Alexandra found a little hole. She put her hand in it and she took out a key.
“If there is a key, there is a door or a key hole.” said Mia. Fifteen minutes later, they found a key hole. She opened the door. Suddenly she stopped. Her face turned white. Something fell on her and everything turned black.

 The end is in the second book :)

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