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A Halloween story by Sara al Hineidi  5 A It was the night of Halloween. I went into my grandma's attic, where I saw a big chest. When I opened it, I felt something touch my shoulder. I screamed! I was scared. Suddenly, smoke appeared, it frightened me! I tried to leave quickly but the door was locked!  So I tried to calm down and five minutes later, I began to take a look at what was around me  in the attic. I saw a lot of things but the object that caught my attention was my grandmother’s bracelet...  When I touched it, the smoke progressively disappeared. And when I started to see better, I saw a spirit! It was my grandfather’s!  He said to me : "Don't panic, I won’t hurt you. I am just a ghost so I can't catch things. And now, don't tell anyone that you saw me, OK ? Good, now you can leave the attic. Goodbye." I said goodbye to my grandpa and I left the attic. It was incredible to know that he was still alive !