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Australian short story by Batuhan Geleri

Short story about Australia: Alone in an arid desert My name is Sacha and I am from England. Last summer, I went to Australia with my friends. While we were travelling to the desert in the middle of the country, we ran out of gas . We walked for hours and hours under the sun in the desert to find some human  presence, to get food and water. When we were so exhausted that we had to stop, a group of strange people came to our help . At first, they looked like savage cannibals but after we got  to know them, we understood that they were an Aboriginal tribe. We lived a very good experience, it was amazing! Finally, a few days later, the Australian authorities found us and a week later,  we flew back to London . From this experience, we still have a souvenir photo .

Story by Deniz Yilmaz

It happened in Melbourne, Australia. I was wandering about, between the skyscrapers. I loved that city : everything was perfect. It was sunny, everybody was happy. I had never been so happy in my life. But at one moment, something happened. Everybody started yelling, I didn’t understand what was going on. I looked up and saw something very big. It was just like a UFO but bigger, not two or three times bigger, more than a  hundred times! It was just like what happens in Marvel or DC films. I was walking thirty seconds before, but then, I didn’t know what to do. In films, everybody was trying to escape, but they were never reaching their objective : to survive. So I didn’t run and I went through the destroyer. I saw women crying with their babies in their arms, I had to save them. I had never seen anything like this in real life. I just stole a jetpack from a store whose door was open and I flew through the UFO. I entered  by an open door and saw plenty of aliens. I attacked all of t

Story by Begüm Hatipoglu

The last thing I remembered was my face hitting the icy cold water as I descended into the dark and terrifying abyss that was the ocean. Minutes after I fell into the water, I could feel my lungs as if they were on fire, the temperature of the water was making me lose all feeling in my limbs. I knew I had to get to the surface, but I was already in too deep. As I helplessly tried to swim back up, my vision started to blur and darken, my lungs were burning and before I knew it I fell into an endless sleep never to wake up again. But that’s not quite where the story begins… I was in Cairns on a dock, waiting for the arms dealer that I had arranged an appointment with. The deal was simple, I’d pay him the 400 grand and he’d give me the package.Naturally, I didn’t trust this guy, he was well-known on the black market for turning on his customers, so I had come prepared; the bullet proof vest did weigh me down and the gun was hard to hide from security, but it was better to be safe than

Sharknado 3 by Murat Pamuksuz

SHARKNADO 3 Sydney, 2005 I was lying on the beach the day it happened, word got out that a giant SHARKNADO was going to hit the Sydney bays. I was terrified as I knew it could happen any minute. I had never seen a tornado much less a SHARKNADO. I had to return home, I needed to prepare for what was coming. On my way home, I realized that everyone else was panicking as well. When I arrived, I turned on the TV to see the news. All the channels had the same headline: “SHARKNADO İNCOMİNG! ARE WE ALL DOOMED?” What was I going to do? I was stuck in a place that was about to get hit by a huge natural disaster… But I wasn’t going to give up. Dawn arrived and I grabbed my boomerang and got outside. A SHARKNADO the size of an apartment was raging near the Opera House. I quickly spotted many different species of shark being  hurled out. (Tiger, Great White, Hammerhead etc…) And then I saw it: THE BIGGEST SHARK I HAD EVER SEEN, It was a Megalodon. Almost 20 times the size of a Great White