Sharknado 3 by Murat Pamuksuz

Sydney, 2005

I was lying on the beach the day it happened, word got out that a giant SHARKNADO was going to hit the Sydney bays. I was terrified as I knew it could happen any minute. I had never seen a tornado much less a SHARKNADO. I had to return home, I needed to prepare for what was coming. On my way home, I realized that everyone else was panicking as well. When I arrived, I turned on the TV to see the news. All the channels had the same headline: “SHARKNADO İNCOMİNG! ARE WE ALL DOOMED?” What was I going to do? I was stuck in a place that was about to get hit by a huge natural disaster… But I wasn’t going to give up. Dawn arrived and I grabbed my boomerang and got outside. A SHARKNADO the size of an apartment was raging near the Opera House. I quickly spotted many different species of shark being  hurled out. (Tiger, Great White, Hammerhead etc…) And then I saw it: THE BIGGEST SHARK I HAD EVER SEEN, It was a Megalodon. Almost 20 times the size of a Great White, it levitated in the middle, glowing menacingly. It seemed to be controlling the SHARKNADO, as the sharks circled it before being launched into the city. As I tried getting closer to it, it launched a few extra sharks in my direction: was it actually targeting me? The mere thought that a tornado full of sharks was purposefully attacking me stopped me in my tracks. I froze; it had turned to look exactly at me. I felt a strong gust of wind pulling me towards it. I tried not to be swept into it but it was too strong: for whatever reason, it was using all its strength to pull me. Finally, I couldn’t resist against its pull: I flew into it and the last thing I saw was the gaping mouth of the Megalodon.

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