Australian story by Onur Aroymak

It happened last year on the West coast of Australia. I was on the beach with my brother. He went to swim while I was tanning. Suddenly I heard screams and got up just before I saw a giant shark eating people! It was a megalodon. I started to run away as fast as I could but then I saw my brother in the ocean. He had fainted. I ran to him but the megalodon was between us. The coast guard arrived and began to throw some harpoons at the monster. I was on the coast, watching the most terrible thing I had ever seen. An hour later, the megalodon was weaker, it understood that it couldn’t win the battle so it escaped into the depths of the sea. There were lots of bodies in the water. I found my brother, the megalodon had eaten one of his legs. Now, my brother has only one leg but we are still alive. And the megalodon is under the water, near Australia, ready to attack again.  

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