Story by Begüm Hatipoglu

The last thing I remembered was my face hitting the icy cold water as I descended into the dark and terrifying abyss that was the ocean. Minutes after I fell into the water, I could feel my lungs as if they were on fire, the temperature of the water was making me lose all feeling in my limbs. I knew I had to get to the surface, but I was already in too deep. As I helplessly tried to swim back up, my vision started to blur and darken, my lungs were burning and before I knew it I fell into an endless sleep never to wake up again. But that’s not quite where the story begins…

I was in Cairns on a dock, waiting for the arms dealer that I had arranged an appointment with. The deal was simple, I’d pay him the 400 grand and he’d give me the package.Naturally, I didn’t trust this guy, he was well-known on the black market for turning on his customers, so I had come prepared; the bullet proof vest did weigh me down and the gun was hard to hide from security, but it was better to be safe than sorry. Unfortunately, before I was even able to meet up with this guy, the entire South-Western side of the Australian continent was blown up and completely destroyed by aliens, the force of the explosion caused an earthquake on the North-Eastern coast, this was what had made me lose my balance, stumble and fall off the dock into the deep and unforgiving ocean. As I descended deeper into the water, the questions “Have I left the oven on ?” and “Has the earthquake destroyed the Great Barrier Reef ?” were all I could think about.

Begum Hatipoglu 4B

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