Derin's story

Tara and the shell factory

Tara McCurry is a normal girl. She has a dad, a mum ,a sister and a dog whose name is Silver. She has two best friends. Their names are Marley and Ashley. They are 12 years old. They live in the suburbs of London and they are English too. Tara is a very generous and calm girl. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She is sporty and thin. Marley and Ashley are twins and they live in London. Marley is confident and kind, she had black hair and black eyes too. Ashley is very honest and peaceful. She has black hair and like Marley, black eyes.

They go to the same school: Shell High. This school is really fantastic because it's located in the sea. It's extremely big:  the school has 1 canteen and 2 cafeterias, 200 classes, plenty of subjects... It  starts at 11:15 and finishes at 5:15 pm. In this school, the pupils are very  peaceful and kind.

Each day at school is really  nice: there are 4 or 5 different classes, a long break and a little pause. The pupils have a huge playground with a sports ground, a cafeteria (outside ), a very beautiful botanic garden with a little library inside, a big aquarium and a swimming pool in the sea and finally a slide.

Silver is Tara's pet. She is a good little dog. She is a spaniel. She has a very little tail and white and yellow hairs. When Tara is away, Silver sleeps, listens to music and eat.

One day, Silver disappeared! Tara thought that Silver was in her dog-house but she wasn't! Tara and her friends searched her everywhere. Tara was so sad. The second day, Tara went to her school.  At 11:38, she heard a dog barking. She followed the voice and she  found her dog with two puppies of the same kind. Actually, Silver was the mother and she now had two babies. Tara called the dogs Golden and Dore. Suddenly, Golden,  Dore and Silver began to walk into a mirror and when they were in the mirror, they left the real world. Tara, Ashley and Marley were shocked. They followed  the dogs and when  they stood in front of the "magic" mirror, it pulled them inside and after an immense hole, they were in a "magic" ocean. In this ocean, there were plenty of houses and a huge factory. Instead of humans, there were mermaids. The girls entered  the factory and they saw how the shells were made. There, they found a second mirror, like the first one and when they walked into the second mirror, they came back to London with the three dogs.


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