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Lily and the robot factory

Lily is a little girl who is crazy about robots, she dreams about getting one but she knows that her parents are too poor. She lives in a small wooden house in Denver with her parents and her grandparents. Her family is very poor. Her dad works in a bakery, everyday he brings home a loaf of bread. They eat that bread with some mashed potatoes and cabbage.
Lily doesn’t go to school but she likes watching the kids as they come back from school. She prefers going to the robot factory to see the thousands of robots from the small windows. Every year, for her birthday, her parents give her some money that she saves to get a robot.
Lily wakes up at 7:30 every day to help her mother to clean the neighbours’ garden, then she goes back home and cooks. After eating, she goes to the factory. She sometimes finds broken robots, she’s got a collection of them. When she comes back from the factory, she passes in front of the school, where she’s got some friends. After seeing them, she goes home and listens to her grandparents’ fantastic stories.

Wednesday, March 1st
Lily’s father comes back home, the family starts worrying about what is happening. Why did he come back home that early???
When the father finally spoke, he announced that he had found 10 dollars in the street and that he had won the lottery! First Lily and her mother Miley didn’t believe him. But then,they hugged each other.

How much did you win? Miley asked.
  • 100,000,000,000,000 dollars! And I decided to buy a dog for you, Miley and a robot for Lily!
  • Oh thank you, daddy!!!
  • So when should we get them?  John, Lily’s father, asked.
  • Now and we will look for a new big luxury house! said grandpa Parker.
  • Ok, and tonight, I will buy some turkey that we will cook in our new oven! John added.
Ten minutes later, they went to buy the dog. First they went shopping to get better clothes, they bought the dog’s cage and then they went to the bus station.
  • Where are we going daddy? Lily asked.
  • We are going to my friend’s farm, I heard that he was selling different types of dogs and puppies.
After a long trip, they finally arrived. They knocked on the door and John’s friend came to open, he invited them for coffee. When Lily’s dad finished explaining the miracle, his wife was gone. Lily said that she had seen a labrador puppy and that she was probably petting him. They went to find her, and she was indeed playing with the labrador puppy. So John decided to buy that dog, but his friend gave it to them.
The next morning Lily had lost her bearings. From a small, dusty and dilapidated house, she was in a big luxury house. She had a bedroom with nice furniture. And her window was looking onto the root factory. That morning, she was watching Disney channel when suddenly, a huge noise came from the factory. Lily went up the stairs to check what was happening… But upstairs she wasn’t alone, and before she could run away, she was kidnapped! That night, Lily’s mother kept crying while her father was calling all the police stations and her grandparents were regretting  their walk in the forest.
  • Ding, dong, ding, dong.
  • Who can it be at this time? Miley asked.
  • Who is it? asked John.
  • Please open the door, I need to talk to you.
Lily’s father opened the door and saw a old man. He came in and sat down on a blue fluffy chair.
  • I know where your daughter and your dog are. But we can’t go and get them now, it’s too dangerous.
  • Where are they? Who are you?
  • They are in the robot factory, the robots took control of it.
John got up from the wooden bench, got his coat.
But the old man stopped him and asked him to sit down.
  • I don’t have time for it, I need to save them. And who are you to give me orders?
  • I was the manager of that factory, but a group of kids came and dropped mineral water on my oldest robot. That water made a reaction on him. He was my best friend, but he still locked me in the spare room, where I put the broken robots. I went out through the secret door. But this morning, my oldest robot called Arthur dropped mineral water on all my robots, that’s the reason for the noise this morning.
They continued speaking two more hours and the old man called Tom stayed for the night.
On Lily’s side, things were not better, she was starving, Peach probably too, they were scared and cold. Then Peach started to eat the rope that was tying them up to a table. That rope broke,  so Peach started to do the same with Lily’s ... And a few minutes later, they were looking for the exit and being careful not to be seen by the guards.
-Peach, don’t go there, no! Come here. Peach! Lily was whispering.
She went to see what was so important to the dog, when she saw Arthur…
  • We will win the battle! We will get control of the world! That girl will help us to read the instructions to build robots, and then we will lock her in the spare room, where she will find Tom! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Now get to work! said Arthur.
  • Come on Peach, quick! said Lily.
They ran away, but they couldn’t find the exit so they hid in the cellar. From there, Lily could see her room. Suddenly, the door opened and Lily and Peach had just enough time to hide behind a chest.
Lily and Peach were trembling…
The next morning, from one of the small windows, Lily saw all the robots going out from the factory carrying bottles of perfume.
  • Peach, what are they doing with perfume?
  • Waf, waf.
They were spilling perfume all over people and those people immediately started to follow them.
Lily freaked out when she saw a book about robots. She grabbed it and tried to find the part about spilling mineral water on robots.

Spilling mineral water on robots:
Did you spill mineral water on your robot? Don’t be anxious anymore, you just need a  magnet and then your robot will be normal again.
* Warning : all the damages caused will not be repaired.

  • Peach, go and get me a magnet, Lily ordered.
Lily read the page again and again.
-  What am I going do to  make these people come back to real life again? Lily wondered.
She was thinking about it when Peach came in with a bucket of  magnets that she had found in the kitchen and a small notebook. Lily took it and started to read…
- Mr. Tom… This was Mr Tom’s notebook, said Lily. There are all types of notes… He even talks about that perfume.

Today I heard about a sort of spray that makes people follow you. To cancel that, you need to make them touch soap with pepper. Tom.

- I got it! said Lily. Let’s get the ingredients!
But  the challenge was to make the robots and the people under the curse touch them. Lily decided to pack them  so that  the soap and pepper would explode because of the pressure.
- Peach, when we go there, make the robots pet you, I’ve attached a magnet to you, but run away if they try to spray that liquid on you. As for me, I will give this present to the people under the curse and throw more  magnets to the robots. Then we’ll come back here, close the door and check that it worked, ok? asked Lily.
- Waf,waf
- Ok, let’s go then.
Lily was very anxious. Before going out, she kissed Peach and told her that they would win.
- Peach, do you see that robot there? Go and make him stroke your fur. We’ll meet in half an hour,  I love you!!!
They went in two different directions. Their plan worked  and half an hour later, they met as planned. Everybody was normal again. So they decided to go back now that they were free. Back home, they hugged each other. Then Peach and Lily had a snack because they were starving. Then they met Tom and they told him about their big adventure.

The end…

Kayla Batmaz 6emeC

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