İpek's story

The unicorn factory

chapter 1: Ipek and Duru saving the world from Kerem and Ege

İpek and Duru were best friends in high school. One day, after school, they went to the supermarket because they were having a pyjama party and they had found out that a few things (ice cream and coffee) were missing. So the girls bought what they needed and were going back home when they suddenly fainted because something was wrong with the ice cream and coffee! There was actually a strange logo on the packages, it was  “The unicorn factory”.
 The owner of that factory was Dwayne Johnson but nobody knew that! Dwayne  had made the girls faint because he wanted them to be his agents as he had noticed that they were talented, fast, intelligent and careful. Ipek and Duru were put in a room where Dwayne waited for them to wake up. When they did,  Dwayne told them that their mission was to save the world from Kerem and Ege, two supervillains who had decided to build a rocket that would bring hot meteorites onto Earth and make them explode!  Ege and Kerem wouldn't die because they had special  suits made from a fabric that could keep them safe inside. When the world was ruined, they would fix it and transform it into their own world, filled with football and video games and plenty of food…
Dwayne started to train Ipek and Duru and after months of practice, they were really ready to fight. They fought the villains and won! Kerem and Ege were locked in a prison on Mars for the rest of their lives.

chapter 2 :the death of  Dwayne Johnson

    51 years later.... Dwayne had got older and older, he was now 96 years old and one day, he died. His last words were:
“Give my buildings, hotels, factories, prisons and houses to Ipek and Duru who saved the world.”

After that, Ipek and Duru became the presidents of “BDJ” (building of Dwayne Johnson)!

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