A scary story, by Ada C.

A Scary Story
It was on a very cold friday night that this all happened. I went to the basement to take our costumes for the play we’ve been preparing for months.  It was in less than a week now! We were so hyped! I volunteered to stay after school by myself in order to finish our costumes and for that I had to go grab the old costumes to renovate them, from the basement. Since it was in winter the sun was setting early but it was still up when I went down there. There were two small windows that made me able to see what I was doing, I didn’t need artificial light. I looked around for awhile, took everything I Nneeded and went in the halway. I was listening to music on my phone and it was getting dark.

At the moment I arrived in front of the door that leads to the staircase, I felt that something was off but I didn’t really think much about it at the moment. I tried opening the door but it wouldn’t open, I tried and tried again, I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly I remembered that there was a backdoor. I went there  but it wouldn’t open either. I thought that it was someone playing a sick prank on me. So I started yelling , I was pretty calm at first but got mad later on because no one was answering. As the dare devil that I was I thought that it would have been cool if I explored around . At this point the sun was setting so I reached for the light but it didn’t seem to work, so I thought of using my phone’s flashlight and it’s at that moment that I thought of calling someone but guess what there was no service and my battery was dying. I was starving. Then I took my courage in two hands and started exploring, there was a room with extra tables and chairs, another one with the boiler, then the room where all the costumes were, a washroom, then a room in the end of a pretty dark hallway, just like in stereotypical horror movies, I tried opening the door but it was locked. I had had enough of locked doors for the day and started questioning myself of what could be inside there for it to be important enough to lock its door but nothing came to my mind. Then the music stopped, my phone had died. I took out my earphones since they didn’t have a purpose anymore. I heard voices behind the door, then footsteps, irregular ones. It made me think that it was leading to another staircase I just meant to not know about. ı started yelling and bamging on the door, I had had enough of this nonsense. I yelled till my voice couldn’t handle it anymore and banged till my hands were blue. When I stopped I couldn’t hear the voices nore the footsteps anymore, it was all silent. I started explorig again since I didn’t have anything else to do. ı came across a room, it was too dark to see now, but it looked like there were sofas, tables chairs and a mini kitchen, I got closer and closer. ı thought that there might be something to eat in the fridge so I opened it, it was painful because my hands were blue but what was about to happen was more painful.
I opened the fridge, it was empty, then I felt something on my shoulder, it was something between a hand and a claw, and that’s the last thing I remember from my time on this earth.

Ada C., 3èmeA

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