Worst trip of my life by Maïra Immongault

           This story took place fifteen years ago. I was seventeen years old at the time. I had arrived in Brisbane with my seven best friends one week before for  summer break. We were so excited because this trip was the dream of our life!
                   On Friday, the 13th, we decided to go surfing after lunch. We put our surf boards in the car  and took some food to have a picnic on the beach, after surfing. Maëva and Mickaëla didn’t know how to swim but we didn’t know that we had forgotten to take the safety jackets.
                      Once at the beach, we took our surfboards. Everybody was excited except Maëva and Mickaëla. They didn’t show their fear too much considering we were all excited. We hadn’t seen the signs to warn of the presence of sharks so we ran directly in the ocean. Our two apprentices still tried to swim with us.

                     Twenty minutes later, my five other friends (Marion, Maëlis, Magali, Maya, Malvina)  and me were already surfing the Australians waves: it was so cool! At one point, after returning to the beach, we saw our two friends far enough, struggling to stay on the surface. And then: panic!  We saw the signs and ran to save two precious lives.
                    We were swimming at full speed when we saw two big sharks coming towards our friends. Scary screams, screams filled with fear and pain came to our ears. Blood, a lot of blood… That’s all I can say.
                      After this accident, we were traumatized for several years. Our “ 7 M team ” no longer exists today. We had lost contact with each other when, on the group that we had on Instagram for many years, Maëlis sent a message. The meeting was very moving but we felt that something was wrong. The void that Maëva and Mickaëla had left made us uncomfortable.

Sadness was taking over our lives.

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