My Australian Story by çagla Köprülü

My Australian Story

It was two years ago, I had just landed in Cairns with my best friend. We decided to see the Great Barrier Reef and then cage dive the other day. I was really tired and it was very late. When we arrived, I saw a little thing shining in the middle of the sea not too far away. I tried to explain it to my friend but she told me there was nothing there, I thought it was a hallucination because I was really tired so we went back to the hotel. The other day, after breakfast, we went back to the Great Barrier Reef to cage dive. I tried to spot the little shining thing again but it had disappeared. Suddenly, I saw a shining object near the shore and I picked it up, it was a little rock but it was shining, a lot. I heard my friend searching for me, she had been waiting for me for about fifteen minutes. We were in separate cages, the employees were doing anything to make sharks come near us, but they didn’t .We were getting pulled back to the surface but suddenly my cage fell a couple of meters down and kept going. I was really scared, it was my biggest fear. I fainted. A couple of minutes later I opened my eyes, I wasn’t in the water, I was in a car, in a taxi! I was sleeping then my friend woke me up. She told me I had been sleeping the whole time. We were going through woods, they seemed a little familiar but it was the first time I had been to Australia. The driver seemed familiar too, I thought it was just a coincidence then the car stopped, we were at the Great Barrier Reef. I was shocked, I checked for the shining rock but it wasn’t near the shore, it was in my pocket. It wasn’t shining anymore, I didn’t tell my friend, I thought she would think it was stupid.

I was sure  I had traveled in time...

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