Australian adventure by Sara Erciyas

Australian adventure

Two years ago,  I went to Australia because I was very curious about Ayers rock or Uluru, that gigantic rock in the middle of the desert. So I asked a friend, who was a tourist guide,  to show me around Australia. He said that there would be a lot of visitors to show around, so I would have to join a group.On the first day of the tour, we went to Sydney, to  Bondi Beach. We had a lot of fun. And on the second day, we went to AYERS ROCK!!! As my friend was telling us the story of the rock and the other tourists were enjoying the visit, I started to examine Ayers Rock more closely. I didn’t realize the time spent, when I went back to see the others, they were not there anymore! I was shocked for a few minutes, but then  I climbed on top of the rock and looked around... and I saw a boy looking at me from the top of a tree! At first , I didn’t understand it was a boy, but then he started screaming at the same time as me! He lost his balance and fell. I immediately ran to him and helped him stand up. I started to ask a lot of questions, the boy answered me but in a different language. I had never heard that language before. Other people who looked very much like him gathered around us when he started to make gestures that I couldn’t understand. I started to feel worried, they all looked at me  as if I was a very strange person. Some of them started to touch my skin, my hair, my clothes...I think they had never seen anyone “white” and wearing clothes! Suddenly, the people around me calmed down, and let an old woman who was at least 100 years old come in front of me. She started to look at me carefully, her eyes grew wide, her mouth took the shape of an "O" and all of a sudden, she squatted down in front of me. I got up to help her, thinking she had fallen, but something strange happened : everyone squatted down when I got up, I actually felt as if we were in a movie, it was really disturbing.

It is very difficult to learn their language and their way of life but I got used to them. I have  been living with them for exactly 24 months- as their leader. I haven’t told anyone about it until today, anyway I couldn’t talk to anyone else about the aboriginal boy in the desert.

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