Australia - story by Nehir Senozan

Nehir senozan                                                              4B

I was in Alice Springs, I had arrived two days before because I wanted to see the desert.  I had never been to Australia before and I was very curious about life there, but it was actually very sunny, hot, quiet and empty in the desert. I was walking on the sand and singing because I was bored. As I was looking around, I suddenly saw something but I didn’t know what is was. I was alone, all alone in the middle of the Australian desert! I was scared of the “thing” that I had seen, so I immediately started running. And I saw it again: it was something black, not a human nor an animal , it was like a ghost. I screamed, I had never seen anything like that before. Then I thought that if I drank water, the ghost would probably disappear, perhaps it was a vision caused by thirst! But after I had drunk a whole bottle of water, things got  worse, I started to hear voices too, so I passed out. I woke up in a house where there were quite a lot of people, their skin was black. It was so weird, I’d never seen people like them in my entire life! There were too many of them... But they were kind, they helped me, they gave me food, water, a place to stay… One year later, thanks to those people, I was better, they drove me to Sydney and then sent me back home by helicopter. I told the story to my sister and seven days later, she disappeared and was never found...

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