Nadia's story

                                                            Chapter 1

This is the story of 2 children named Malak and Nadia. They are best friends because they have the same personalities.They're very spoilt because they live with their two families in a big villa with a giant pool and a mini villa for children...

    chapter 2

Nadia and Malak study in a fantastic school named ''THE SMS SCHOOL''(the space monster school). In their school, there are only humans but it is located in space !!! Luckily, in class, they can chat with their families...

      chapter 3
The girls love animals and together they have 51 pets: 3 cats, 4 dogs, 10 kittens, 11 hamsters, 13 puppies and 10 goldfish. These animals love playing ball and they love eating healthy food like cheese, homemade pizza and bread, but they sometimes drink soda! All the pets love their masters but when they are away, they do everything they want..             

          Chapter 4
One day, Nadia and Malak were in class when the teacher said:''THERE IS A COMPETITION!'' Nadia asked:"WHAT KIND OF COMPETITION?'' He said:''A PET COMPETITION!''. They were so happy ! The goal was to have as many pets as possible in the school and then in the city! And the winner could open the biggest TOY FACTORY!!!

          Chapter 5
Nadia and Malak won the school competition because they had so many pets, but they were waiting for the results of the city competition hoping to win when their teacher said... "Ooops! I've got the wrong paper!"
Two minutes later, he repeated ''AND THE WINNERS ARE NADIA AND MALAK! Congratulations!"

            Chapter 6
A few days later, the two girls opened the biggest toy factory and it became the most popular factory in the world!!!

the end!

Back cover:
Discover the fantastic story of two young girls who participate in a competition and do everything to win it !!



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