Melis's story

Chapter 1
My heroine is a girl named Bella who goes to a boarding school named “ The radio factory”. She started school two years ago. She already has a few friends: Xavier, Alice, Lauren and Richard. She loves them so much. They always stay, eat and play together. Let’s not forget about her family that she left for her school. Her mom is emotional and kind. She is adorable and Bella is really attached to her. Her father is a lawyer. He’s funny and curious. Actually, Bella has everyone’s dream parents.
But let’s talk about her friends! First Lauren: she is pretty and the smartest person that Bella knows. Bella tells her all her secrets. Xavier is funny and handsome. He’s always positive. Alice is sassy but in a cute way. Finally, Richard is the most attractive and energetic pupil in their school. Now that you know the characters, let me tell you Bella’s story.
Chapter 2
Bella and her friends went to the room where they listened to music and saw a girl who was changing or doing something to the radio. Then she ran away. It started to play an awful piece of music. Everybody closed their ears. But it didn't help and they all turned into zombies. They ran away as fast as they could. Then they hid and started to talk about this crazy moment. They asked themselves how the others had turned into zombies. Then they remembered that they had special earphones with which they could hear each other and talk. They thought that they could maybe just give the same earphones to the zombies (schoolmates) and sing so they couldn’t hear the awful music. So they did it and it worked. Then, by doing team work, they caught the girl who had started to play the song, and forced her to turn the radio off. She did it and then everybody lived in peace.
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