Emir's story

The Robot Factory
Chapter 1 - John

- Me -

My name is John. I am 16 years old, I have a brother, Jason, who is 15 years old. My mother’s name is Laura, my father’s name is Mark.

I love sport, I play football with Jason all the time. I live in Dubai.

My parents are the owners of a robot factory.
My mother Laura works in our robot factory. She is nice, calm and she loves strawberries.

My father Mark also works in our robot factory. He is bossy and confident.

My parents take robots from the factory for me. I am lucky. Some people think I am spoilt.

My brother Jason likes video games.

We live in a big house near the factory. We have a big garden and all our friends like it because we can play a lot of games there.

I have a dog. His name is Cino. He is 2 years old. He is a golden Retriever and when I’m not at home, he waits for me next to the door. When I open the door, I sometimes find him with a shoe in his mouth. He waits to go out.

- My school -

My school's name is “Sea school”. There you can swim in your break time and you can play with fish.

The teachers are fish and you have to speak fish language.

School starts at 11 am and finishes at 5 pm.

We go to school by under-water train. The train comes at 10:30 and we are at school at 10.45. We have all the normal subjects but the lessons are in fish language.

- Hobbies -

After school, I go to sport, or I get piano and guitar lessons.

On Mondays, I have piano. On Tuesdays and on Fridays, I have tennis lessons. On Thursdays, I have guitar. On Wednesdays, I have piano again.

During the weekend, I play the piano  three hours and also tennis.

Chapter 2: The Present

One Day, Mark and Laura were looking for a present for John’s birthday.

Mark said it could be a robot.

  • “No, he has so many robots at home!” Laura answered.

  • “Oh yes, but not a golden robot!”
  • “I think it is a very big present you want to make him but how? Our factory is not a golden robot factory.”
  • “But we can buy it!”
  • “Oh, yes, good idea. But he wanted the robot to fly.”
  • “We can buy a special rocket for the robot, and a small dog.”
  • “Perfect!”

Chapter 3: The Birthday

The birthday party was organized by the garden pool. All John’s friends were there. They were very curious about John’s birthday present. His parents had put it in a huge box in front of the house.

John was waiting for the cake because he couldn’t open the presents before.

One hour later, the big box began to move.

Everybody was afraid but Mark went to open it.

Suddenly, the robot appeared out of the box and it walked through the garden.

All the children went out of the garden.

John was shocked but very happy to get this present. He was not afraid of his robot because he knew that he could talk to him. He always talked to robots.

He called the robot and the robot stopped walking. It listened to John.

“- I know you are not a bad robot. Please don’t do bad things” John said. And he approached the robot.

And, then, suddenly the robot began to sing “Happy birthday John”.

The End.

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