Arman's story


                        Kena Ekande was a teenager from a village in the Serengeti. He lived with his parents. He loved them and his sister adored him.  He woke up every day at 6:00 and he had a quick breakfast. Then, at 8:00, he always went hunting. He ate cassava for lunch then came back to the village to have his dinner (usually composed of meat).

                         But one day, he woke up at 8:00 and he didn't go hunting. He could hear someone crying and suddenly, a group of slave owners caught him and all the inhabitants of his village.

                         The slave owners took them to the USA. There, an American   sugar producer bought Kena. Then he drove him to his sugar plantation and said:
-You're gonna cut all this!
Kena, who wanted to escape, ran into a forest but he fell in a very big hole. Then he could see nothing but darkness.
                        When Kena woke up, he just couldn't believe his eyes! Everywhere there were strange plants that were growing slowly! He thought :
    -What's this!?

He was looking for someone who could help him and suddenly a beautiful girl jumped from one of the trees and said:
   -You look weird in your horrible clothes! Are you lost?
-Yes, I am, said Kena , could you help me?
-Of course I can!
-How could I get out of here?
-Follow me! I was just going back to my house.

Kena was happy to go with someone and he thought that the girl could fight because she had a very large sword in her hand. He asked the girl what her name was.
-It's Equis. And what's your name?                       
-It's Kena.                            
Kena and Equis continued walking in silence. Kena was looking at the trees when suddenly a sort of gorilla jumped on him and began to beat him but fortunately Equis cut the head of the monster. She said:                           
   -Well, we have fresh meet for dinner!             
Kena thanked her and they continued walking.
He thought that he couln't fight as well as her.

                   They walked for hours and finally stopped to have dinner before falling asleep. During the night, some orcs took the food. When they woke up, Kena and Equis realised that there was no food left and Equis said:
     -The one who did this is going to pay!

They killed another ape and cut it into pieces to carry the meat in Equis's bag. They continued walking for days until one day the forest ended. Kena saw a beautiful palace and Equis said :
-We're back home!

To be continued...


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