A Night in the Woods, by Arda

Last summer I wanted to go camping so, I bought a tent and all the necessary equipment. The jura seemed like a nice place to me.

I arrived towards 5pm and set up camp in a clearing. While looking for a place to settle I found some old battered boots and threw them away. Next morning, I woke up and was astonished to find the previous boots in front of my tent. Even weirder is that when I tried to take a photo of it my camera said it was full even though I had never used it.
Not paying much attention to it I got along with my day.
That night while I was reading I saw a silhouette coming towards me, it terrified me. Slowly it was approaching the tent and I got my pocket knife as if that would do anything. He was holding a bloody bat with nails on it. My heart was thumping and I was going crazy but then suddenly he left. Hesitant I got out but couldn’t see anything. Still shaky I tried to sleep. The next day I left as soon as I could.
Back at home I got my photos developed and...
They were photos of me sleeping in my camp.

Arda C. 3èmeA     

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