Australian adventure by Baris Coskun

-“Six years ago, I went to Australia alone by helicopter for a business meeting. I was so excited because, since my father’s death, this was the first time that I had replaced him. The helicopter was really comfortable and I was in the middle of a reading session. Suddenly, the pilot started to say “Mayday” a couple of times. I panicked and tried to ask the pilot what was going wrong but he didn’t have time to answer and we crashed onto an island. I woke up in the middle of the island. I looked for the pilot and the helicopter to see if I could fix it. But I couldn’t find any of them. I ate a lot of coconuts because I was hungry. After that, I built a very big flag for someone to see that I was stuck on the island. One day, two days, three days, four days… Nobody had noticed me. I was drinking salty water and eating coconuts. I gave up and I didn’t have hope anymore. But suddenly, a ship appeared in the distance. They saw the flag. I was so happy as I went on board! I asked if they were going to Australia. They said they were and I even arrived at the meeting on time:”
-”So son, what do you think about my adventure?”

-”Dad, this can’t be real!”

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